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Your pet’s information
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What is a KnowMyPets profile?

Personal profiles for your pets

Detailed profile of your pet's personalized needs, what to do if they get lost, how to keep them safe, care instructions and more in one easy place that even works on your smart phone.

Lost pet resources

Profile instantly generates a Lost Pet poster of your pet when needed to post in your community and share on social media. Get a "lost pet checklist" with tips to reunite you with your pet faster.

Pet sitters armed and ready

Introduce your pet to your sitter with a detailed and personalized pet profile so they know how to care for your pet as well as you do.

Pet-friendly profile for all

Profiles for animals big and small, with or without fur... even for your farm animal or livestock pets.

I Know My Pet… Does My Sitter?

You know your pet’s unique quirks, behaviors and characteristics. When you leave town or take a vacation, how will your sitter know your pets like…

Have you found a lost pet from our posters?

KnowMyPets provides lost pet posters with every profile… Click the button to get connected with the pet’s owner.


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