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I Know My Pet… Does My Sitter?

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You know your pet’s unique quirks, behaviors and characteristics. When you leave town or take a vacation, how will your sitter know your pets like you do? 

Why should your pet sitter need to know your pet’s personality?

Think about it. Our pets have so many quirks, nuances, behaviors and characteristics. 

When you live with them everyday, they become second nature to you. You hardly even think about them. 

When you go away for a business trip or a much needed vacation, you want your pet sitter to love your babies like you do.

The basics

Your pet acts one way with you. When you’re not there?  Their routine is rocked. Their day-to-day habits can change.

Share the basics you know about them with your sitter:

    • Favorite food
    • Favorite water bowl
    • Favorite snack
    • Favorite toy
    • Favorite interactive play game
    • Favorite sleeping spot
    • Favorite hiding spot
    • Favorite pee & poop spot
The next level

Where is your pet’s next level of comfort in a storm, when loud noises are in play, your voice is not around to comfort and they are alone?

    • In a cupboard, under a bed, under the covers, in a closet, certain room?
    • What tricks work to get them out?
    • Where do you find them?
    • What gets their attention?
The next, next level….they get lost or there is an emergency

If the unexpected happens on your sitter’s watch, are they prepared? 

    • Lost posters with your pet’s information need to be posted in the community and on social media 
    • In an emergency, your pet sitter needs to know your personal vet information and the closest 24/7 vet clinic 
    • Your sitter needs a signed consent form to get your pet the needed care they need
Make it easy with a pet profile

Want your pet sitter to know your pet like you do?  

Give your pet sitter detailed and personalized pet profiles of your pets from 

Pet profiles provide the basics, the secrets, Lost Pet posters, emergency protocol, safety tips and “Did you know” factoids about individual animal types. And more!

You can store your pet’s profiles on your phone or access them on your computer or tablet.  Even download them as a PDF file if needed.

When you need a sitter, invite him or her to your pet’s profile. They can store your pet’s profiles on their smart phone as well. 

Peace of mind

If you are away from home at work, traveling with your pet or leave your pet with a pet sitter, pet profiles at your fingertips, or your pet sitter’s fingertips, give you peace of mind.

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