Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions people have about KnowMyPets, our profiles, and how they can help your pet. Take a look at the options below to get answers fast. Still don’t see what you’re looking for or need an answer that’s not listed below? Click here to ask a question.

What is a KnowMyPets profile?

A pet profile has all your pet’s information in one place.
Profiles are detailed and personalized with your pet’s needs, how to keep them safe and what to do if something happens. Also, profiles have lots of fun info about your pet, safety tips and “did you know” fun facts.
Profiles automatically make a Lost Pet poster from the information you enter in case your pet ever gets lost or found. If you lose or find a pet, KnowMyPets helps reunite animals.

Where are pet profiles kept?

The place profiles are kept are on your smart phone, computer and tablet. So, profiles are with you always wherever you are.
Profiles are available as a printable PDF as well.

Why would I need my pet’s information in one place?

It’s convenient. It’s with you. You’re ready.  When our pets need us, it pays to be prepared!
Most pet owners do not keep detailed records. If they do, they’re in a file at home. Not very convenient. With a KnowMyPets profile, you are ready to react to serve your pet. Your pet’s profile is in one place, with you, wherever you are, ready when you and your pet need it most.
Profiles help pet sitters get to know a pet as well as the owner does. And it’s in one place for them too, on their smart phone.

Why would someone want a KnowMyPets’ profile?

To be prepared when the unexpected happens. Let’s face it. Once something happens we were not expecting, adrenaline kicks in and we aren’t at our best to make decisions. It’s hard to think clearly. When something happens, it’s too late. Being ready counts!

When is a KnowMyPets’ profile handy?

When you leave your pets with a sitter – they get to know your pets as well as you do. So, when you are away you know your pets are OK.
When you travel with your pets – you have your pet’s information with you and ready if you need it.
When you’re at work or away from home –  you need your pet’s information with you, not at home, if the unexpected happens
KnowMyPets’ profiles are with you; so, when you need your pet’s information you have it and are ready.

How does my pet sitter get my pet’s profile?

Once you decide who is taking care of your pets, have them create a free profile at Once their profile is created, you can grant them access to your pet’s profile. The sitter now has your pet’s profile on their phone.

Who benefits with a pet profile?

Your pet benefits the most. Mishaps can happen to our pets on our watch. They can happen on our petsitter’s watch. Things happen to pets on their “own” watch.
The more we, pet owners and pet sitters, are prepared, the better chance we have of helping our fur babies in the best way they need and as quickly as possible.

How much does a KnowMyPets profile cost?

KnowMyPets offers a Free profile. You can upgrade any free profile with a Pet Powerpack+ that costs $3.99 per pet profile.
With both pet profiles, you can change, edit and update your pet’s information for as long as you own your pet.

What features does a KnowMyPets profile include?

KnowMyPets offers a free profile & a Pet Powerpack+
Click here to learn what’s included in each profile.

How did KnowMyPets start?

KnowMyPets started because of our cat named Sammy. Sammy was hurt by dogs during the night and we were not prepared to help him efficiently and quickly. We didn’t know where to go in the middle of the night. Sammy took his final breath on our kitchen floor. We were not prepared to help him efficiently and quickly.
We got to know our pets and prepared ourselves for the unplanned mishaps of our pets. We created pet profiles for our pets.
Click here to read Sammy’s story.

How does a KnowMyPets’ profile work?

Once you decide if the Free or Powerpack+ is best for you, create an account with your email. If you choose the Powerpack+, you will need to purchase it for $3.99.
The profile asks prompting questions about your pet. You also have the option to add your own words about your pet in many places. You will upload your pet’s pictures, personality and quirks, care-taking needs, feeding guide, medical info and more.
Once a profile is completed, you have it on your smart phone and can access it on your computer and tablet. You can even print a printable PDF.
If you need to change photos, update and edit your pet’s profile, you can do that anytime by logging in for as long as you have your pet.

How has a KnowMyPets’ profile helped animals?

Originally, KnowMyPets’ profiles were designed to give pet owners peace-of-mind when they left their pets with a sitter. Pet owners could arm their sitters to know their pets as well as they do.
But, we have found and learned stories that the profiles have benefited owners too. Owners are grateful to have a pet profile on their smart phone, especially when they are away from the home or they travel with their pets. In these moments, pet profiles on smart phones have helped animals, pet owners and sitters in situations we never imagined.