How did KnowMyPets start?

Sammy’s Story

We had a cat named SAMMY. 

Sammy did not go outside. Sammy definitely did not stay out at night. 

We lived on a very a quiet street with little traffic, no predators and animal-loving neighbors. 

One unfortunate night, Sammy got out when friends who were visiting left.  

Around 3 am in the morning, I heard noises that didn’t sound right. I woke my husband who went outside looking for Sammy. 

Two dogs belonging to a neighbor had escaped their backyard.  That day, their lawn care people did not latch the gate properly.

The 2 dogs behaved in a pack-like manner. They critically injured Sammy.  

We desperately searched for the nearest 24-7 emergency vet clinic to help Sammy. 

Sadly, he took his last breath on our kitchen floor.

I swore that would NEVER, ever happen on my watch again.

What we did to keep this from happening in the future

We got prepared by getting to know our pets. 

We did this by creating pet profiles for each of our pets. Our pet profiles are detailed and personalized with their needs, care instructions, how to keep them safe, what to do if they get lost and much more. Profiles have lots of fun stuff about our pets as well as safety tips and “did you know” fun facts.

Our pet sitters have our pet’s profile on their smart phone too. They get to know our pets as well as we do and can care for them like we do. So, when we’re away we know our pets are OK!

Pet profiles are most handy and helpful when kept on a smart phone. However, pet profiles  can be accessed from a computer and tablet too. Profiles are also available in a printable PDF as well.

Our pet’s profile is always with us. If we are at work, traveling with our pets or leave them with a sitter, we are prepared!

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KnowMyPets is a company that seeks pet safety, because we know how much your furry friends matter to you. With our pet profiles that hassle is taken out of leaving your pets with a sitter.

We allow you to create a pet profile for every one of your pets. These profiles are detailed accounts of your pet, along with all the appropriate emergency information. Each user has the ability to easily view the pets needs, wants, and plan of attack for an emergency situation.

We founded KnowMyPets from a sad incident that happened years ago. The story is stated above if you wish to read. Now, we have every intention of preparing people for emergency situations and for pet sitters to be well informed about your pet.

Make a profile for your pet today. It's free.